Sunday, 22 May 2016

Memorable trip to Bristol

Dropping my windlass in the lock coming out of bath should have been an omen of things to come although we did retrieve it with our magnet along with a spare.All was going well with myself driving the boat. Coming up to a lock,I steered the boat under some overhanging trees only to find it was thick branches and not wispy twigs, off came the chimney, the bbq got swept along the roof losing some of it in the river and the grand finale was my bike literally got scooped up by a branch and tossed into the river sinking without a trace, unfortunately this all happened just outside Saltford marina and attracted quite a bit of attention. Not a good day.
Great mooring in Bristol, met up with Marks son and girlfriend and had a very boozy  night out.Next day visited the M Shed,a museum with a difference, they were exhibiting a brilliant knitted version of Bristol called Briswool well worth a look and would def go back,had a wander round the city visited the Markets and tried the street food.Left Sat lunchtime, down to Hanham lock where we met up with my sister in law Sue and her husband John,lovely meal in the pub and they left today. We will stay here tonight then back to beautiful bath tomorrow ...x Louise

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  1. So glad to see you have found there are shops 'Beyond Bedwyn'!!