Tuesday, 28 June 2016

                                                        Catch of the Day 😊

A trip to the big smoke

Very excited today as we got a train from Bedwyn to Hungerford to do our "big shop" , Mark went to the barbers while I wandered round the shops, had lunch in an Armenian Cafe , didn't expect a £30 bill( Ouch!! ) visited the charity shops buying DVDs and books.Tesco is such a luxury and we do go over the top, mainly with everything you shouldn't have although it is our starve day tomorrow.
Three more crayfish made their way into our nets feeling very Bear Grylls and self sufficient. After a lovely dinner cooked by Mark we watched the England-Iceland game ....enough said ! Lou

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Walking Home Crofton summit
Beautiful colours over the hill above Wilton Water 

Back on familiar waters

Woke up to reasonable weather at Crofton and looking across the canal towards the pump house chimney they're stoking up ready for another day in steam.Left Crofton about 10.Oclock for a leisurely trip down to Bedwyn,met some lovely families on the way,really interested in what we were doing,also loads of school kids laden down with rucksacks and camping equipment all out for a survival weekend absolutely brilliant and they helped me with the locks, arrived in Bedwyn and got a mooring, bumped into g&t42,caught up on the laundry while Mark did some painting,I got very excited when having cast the crayfish net laden with chicken bones I reeled it in about an hour later and had a fair sized crayfish clinging to the outside of the net unfortunately not inside it, having said that I don't think I could have killed it. Mark fashioned an awning out of the cratch and we have been sitting in there drinking port and watching the rain and wildlife,just loving life on the canal x .....Lou

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Crofton pump house in steam!

As you can see from the pictures in the previous post, the weather is being really changeable with really heavy showers interspersed with beautiful sunny spells. Luckily we managed to moor right next to the pump house and so were able to leg it across inbetween showers to have a good look round this amazing piece of working machinery lovingly restored by a group of willing volunteers. They fire the boilers up several weekends over the summer and it really is worth a visit. Details on croftonbeamengines website. I looked around the pumphouse while Louise was more interested in trying out the local cider!! What I really liked about this place is that the machinery had not been encased in fences, guard rails and at least three layers of hi-vis; allowing you to get really up close with this massive power. I am a big fan of Darwin by the way!

Downhill to CROFTON (Dark Satanic mills)

After spending the night by bridge 103 on the summit of the Kennet and Avon we started the descent through the Crofton flight and stopped for the weekend at the pumphouse. This is the worlds oldest working steam engine (1810) that is still doing its original job. Also nearby is the picture postcard village (yes another one) of Wilton and the restored and working windmill so we decided to investigate. Walking up the steep wooded hill we gathered our breath to enjoy a breathtaking view of the windmill.....on top of the next bloody hill!!! A steep descent followed by another climb got us to the mill only to find it shut. Anyone passing by would be treated to the two of us lying on our backs looking up through binoculars trying to work out how it all worked. As the weather was looking threatening we hurried back to the boat for film night.

Friday, 24 June 2016

I think we're being watched

Back on the move 😊

Having spent a couple of days on the boat on my own, although I did have the lovely company of Rod and Carol from nbslimline Tonic for a trip to the Waterfront pub to watch the England match, Mark is back from France looking like Elephant man having been stung on the face by a very angry French Bee! Having out stayed our welcome at Pewsey Wharf we headed off the next day to Wootton Rivers and managed to get a nice mooring, went for a wander into the village which was so beautiful,mostly thatched cottages but also some very large country houses too, met a very friendly  guy who lived in the village who gave us a very nice bottle of red wine for no reason at all. went for a drink in the village pub The Royal Oak and met some long time boaters who'd been on the canal since the beginning of time. Sadly left Wootton rivers the next day and chugged on to a beautiful rural mooring ready to get to Crofton in the morning . X .... Louise

Monday, 20 June 2016

Back on the Boat

After a manic week at home seeing friends, Daughter No 2 back from Oz after 2 years travelling, and reacquainting myself with my gorgeous moggies I am back on the boat. 2 trains and a four hour journey I have joined it in Pewsey where Mark has kindly left it right by theWaterfront pub,he has gone off to France for a few days taking his WW2 jeep over there to be used for trips to the Normandy beaches, He also left me a homemade pie and homemade scones along with clotted cream and jam ( He's definitely a keeper ) Just stopped chucking it down going to bus it into Malborough for a wander and some retail therapy 😊

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dundas Aquaduct

Just spent a lovely 2 days at Dundas Aquaduct stunning views and beautiful weather very busy with hire boats ( mainly stags and hens dressed in various guises ).
The Aquaduct 
Met up again with the Nick and Karen and their fab laid back dog Charlie from NB TRELAI had a lovely meal onboard their boat and a late night to bed. Another scorcher today and we made our way to Bathampton me by bike opening the swing bridges en route, great mooring outside The George pub, on to Bath tomorrow I love it there ....Louise x
Mum,Dad and their 7 offspring at Bathampton

Friday, 3 June 2016

Birthday boy

Our readers will have noticed that we haven't posted any blogs this week, so apologies for that, we weren't sure that you could handle anymore pictures of stunning countryside. So here's one anyway taken tonight from the Dundas aqueduct looking down on the river Avon.

Last weekend in Bradford on Avon; Mark celebrated his birthday with a cake and was then allowed out to play in the park