Friday, 24 June 2016

Back on the move 😊

Having spent a couple of days on the boat on my own, although I did have the lovely company of Rod and Carol from nbslimline Tonic for a trip to the Waterfront pub to watch the England match, Mark is back from France looking like Elephant man having been stung on the face by a very angry French Bee! Having out stayed our welcome at Pewsey Wharf we headed off the next day to Wootton Rivers and managed to get a nice mooring, went for a wander into the village which was so beautiful,mostly thatched cottages but also some very large country houses too, met a very friendly  guy who lived in the village who gave us a very nice bottle of red wine for no reason at all. went for a drink in the village pub The Royal Oak and met some long time boaters who'd been on the canal since the beginning of time. Sadly left Wootton rivers the next day and chugged on to a beautiful rural mooring ready to get to Crofton in the morning . X .... Louise

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