Saturday, 25 June 2016

Downhill to CROFTON (Dark Satanic mills)

After spending the night by bridge 103 on the summit of the Kennet and Avon we started the descent through the Crofton flight and stopped for the weekend at the pumphouse. This is the worlds oldest working steam engine (1810) that is still doing its original job. Also nearby is the picture postcard village (yes another one) of Wilton and the restored and working windmill so we decided to investigate. Walking up the steep wooded hill we gathered our breath to enjoy a breathtaking view of the windmill.....on top of the next bloody hill!!! A steep descent followed by another climb got us to the mill only to find it shut. Anyone passing by would be treated to the two of us lying on our backs looking up through binoculars trying to work out how it all worked. As the weather was looking threatening we hurried back to the boat for film night.

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