Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Home Alone

Well I am on day 5 now of being on my own as Mark has gone home to do work on his mini, and jobs on the house.Im still in Guildford and loving it the shops are great along with my neighbours, spent a boozy night on NBLargo with Mary and Brian and their lovely very elderly boat puss Sammy. Went to a cheese and chilli festival, so many tastings and  great entertainment but was so hot felt sorry for the birds of prey in the falconry display. Nice visits from my neighbour Terri and yesterday a work colleague popped up for lunch ( only 40minutes from home) Decided to downsize my jeans collection just to appease the Captain so only have 13 pairs now, don't know how I'll manage. While washing down the boat this morning a lovely well to do elderly lady came and sang me a song ( so random) unfortunately I didn't know it so couldn't join in. Mark back tomorrow and I'm going home for a few days joining him somewhere on the Thames on Sunday......x Lou

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