Thursday, 15 September 2016

Down to Aylesbury

How about this for a beautiful sunset over Marsworth reservoir!!

Brought back down to earth by playing 'dog poo golf'

We have left London and surburbia well behind us now and have spent the last week or so exploring the Aylesbury arm of the Grand Union canal. This beautiful bit is only six miles long and starts at the Marsworth reservoir then drops down to Aylesbury where there is a rather handy visitor mooring. When I say handy I mean handy for wait rose! It was also pretty handy for doing some more painting on the boat.
Although the town is  very old in places and has a lot of history, it has the appearance of having "let the end go" somewhat! Nevertheless we did manage to see a performance of the Chinese state Circus at the new waterside theatre; a great venue complimented by a statue of Ronnie Barker who first trod the boards in Aylesbury in 1948. Incidentally David Bowie first brought the world Ziggy Stardust here back in 1972.

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