Saturday, 1 October 2016

Is it cold or not??

Can't really decide what is going on with the weather this week, it definitely started to get cold so out came the socks and jeans etc and Lou even lit the fire when I wasn't looking! So that'll be autumn then......but then along comes a boat in Blisworth driven by an elderly gentleman wearing .....wait for it....SPEEDOS!!!  Poor Louise nearly killed herself trying to get a picture but to no avail; you will just have to imagine the scene I'm afraid.
Anyway, after a stop in the lovely old canal village of Stoke Bruern we then passed through the Blisworth tunnel which is 3057 yards long; every one of them haunted..apparently. After only a few minutes in the tunnel the boat hit something large enough to make it heave over but when we got the lamps on we couldn't see a thing, so we did the rest of the tunnel in total darkness at slightly higher speeds than usual not looking behind us!

Stoke Bruerne

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