Sunday, 24 April 2016


Well we finally did it, packed our jobs in and rented our houses out for a life aboard
NB SPEAKEASY (  nee " JOYCE ") I really couldn't live with that name due to an old neighbour of mine ...enough said.We have been moored up in Ham Manor Marina in Newbury on the K&A for nearly 2 years and met some lovely people, and due to the nature of our jobs we only had limited time for cruising and never got further than Bedwyn, hence the title. The"There Will Be Shops " bit stems from me wanting to buy everything there and then thinking we would never see civilisation for years. Mark and I met 3 years ago but have never lived together so putting ourselves on a 55ft steel tube will be a real test and a week in to our adventure we are still sitting at the same end of the boat, obviously there will be updates. We set sail on Monday 18th but I had to leave and nip home to tie up some loose ends leaving Mark in Kintbury.I rejoined him in Hungerford on the Thursday. We left on the Friday and while trundling along we were treated to an amazing display from a stag sporting huge antlers doing some sort of courtship routine to his harem of about 6 does.Friday night spent at Froxfield and then onto Great Bedwyn which is where we are now, we finally get to go "Beyond Bedwyn "tomorrow and I will be expecting shops.
PS Having just spent most of the evening setting up this blog, we have yet to suss out how to add photos, any help gratefully received before this I Pad ends up in the canal ...Thanks


  1. We were hpoing you guys would be able to tell us how to set one up!!

  2. Love the jim jams Lou!! I bet you opened the windows when that fire was at its hottest. We are spending about three weeks on our boat outside our house as the house is being "remodelled" inside!! Hope all is well. Rod & Carol xx