Wednesday, 27 April 2016

We are finally beyond Bedwyn and contrary to our blog title There are NO shops, actually apart from a very overpriced village store where we stocked up on a few essentials which in a larger store I could have done my weekly shop for the same price .... Lesson learnt.
We moored up at Crofton bottom lock it was a bit chilly which did not take away the beauty of the countryside or the 2 huge hares chasing each other in a field adjacent to the boat.Travelling on mid morning we were on the approach to Cadley lock when we could see blue lights and 2 fire engines on the bridge next to the lock,it turned out that a boat had been caught on the cill ( a ledge)  and sunk in minutes with an elderly lady and a couple of dogs on board. A queue of boats were moored up unable to get through the lock, luckily nobody was seriously injured and Mark and I ended up with the two Yorkies on our boat keeping them warm as they had gone down with the boat and were shivering (I'm a bit concerned I was more worried about the dogs than the humans) to make matters worse it  was freezing and started to snow. Due to the sunken boat in the lock we stayed here for the night and have woken up to beautiful sunshine we are going through make our way to Pewsey today which we have been told is a village time forgot , should be interesting ..... Louise

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