Saturday, 30 April 2016

Picturesque Pewsey

Arrived in Pewsey Wednesday 27th and got a mooring right by the Waterfront pub, needing a few provisions we decided to walk into the village, seeing Miss Lemons Wool Shop at the bottom of the hill I thought my crochet mad daughter would have loved it in there. We got very excited when we saw a Chinese takeaway an Indian restaurant and a Kebab House along with a co-op where we got our shopping, stopped and had a drink in a fab little pub well actually it was a shed attached to someones house serving real ale and cider ended up in the Indian restaurant the food was delicious.
Thursday morning bright and clear but very chilly which didn't help when Mark had to take a dip into the icy canal water to retrieve the fuel filler cap that he'd dropped in.
That evening we went to the Waterfront bar and met a great band who were doing a charity gig at the open mic night. Really great band, check out their website!


  1. Word of advice - Rod says an investment in a sea searcher magnet may have kept you warm and dry!! (Don't ask how he knows!!!)

    1. We do have a sea searcher but unfortunately the filler cap was made of brass and stainless steel, we have fished out a lot of hire boat windlasses though

  2. I can now see why the sea searcher was no good-maybe a dry suit then? Happy Cruising!!!